Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photos of recipes to be posted soon

Mushroom Cannellonis 
This is the first recipe (after the smoothies) I did at the beginning of my raw food journey still good to this day :)

Back then I didn't even have slicer, the slices are way too big lols. These days it's easier to roll the things.

Not getting into it but it consist of macadamia ricotta 'cheese', a raw tomato sauce and marinated mushrooms and spinach inside so that everything holds.

Noir Désir

One of the first dessert I did also in the beginning, I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but I was impress with the taste, it's really decadent for a raw chocolate cake, not on the photo there is also a chocolate sirup that goes on top. I will be making a new one soon and will hopefully make look better and in smaller portions too. You keep in the fridge for i think 10 days or you freeze it.

I cut half of it and brought it to my workplace, lols it lasted like 7 min in the kitchen!

Very interesting carrot salad with a curry sauce dried raisins and tiny bits of cauliflower (i had decided to put purple ones instead).
Mandras Salad

Morning Cleansing Juice (mild)

Very good tasting juice, you can had more raisins but don't put too much or you'll get a nasty surprise for at least 2-3 days lols (someone person remembering trying the Holy Grail at Kristina's youtube, kale and a whole bunch of grapes, yikes)

1 big pink grapefruit
2 apples (bio)
1 lemon (bio - cause I kept a big of the skin for a bit of zing)
20 to 24 raisins
2 small red swiss chards with stem
ginger to taste

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blueberry Smootie with Coconut water

So I was finally able to put my hands on Thai young coconuts, very difficult to find where I live and I don't have a car so someone went to Kim Phat in Brossard I believe and brought 2 back for me and I decided to make a smoothie I saw on FullyRaw Kristina at the link here.

First taste was good, but I'm a texture person and I should have stained the result of the coconut water with the almonds because I was never able to have more and a few sip, I just couldn't do it and put the rest of it in ice cubes so I can put it in other smoothies. UPDATE: after doing the recipe again but this time straining the pulp, istill don't like it. I guess i'm not a coconut water fan xD.

It was my first experience opening up that kind of coconut and with the help of a couple of video I had no problem, I was impressed on how much water is in there compared to regular coconuts, interesting fact also the white part is very very thin, no wonder they ask for the meat of 4 or 5 to make something, the taste of the meat is very subtle and you can see the oil on it, very interesting. Here a a few pictures

Tom Yum Soup (or a version of it)

Follow the instructions on this video, that's what I did and let me tell you next time I do this, way way way less spicy stuff, I love spicy and that was too much for me.

Smoothie Pep

1 tasse lait amandes
4 dattes trempées
1/8 tasse Baie Goji
1 poignée de bébé arugula
1 banane
5 feuilles de menthe
pincée de poivre cayenne
10 gouttes de ginko
1 cubes de glace

Done 2 verres à Milshake

Jus d'agrume et carottes

Ben non lulu, c'est pas pour les minous
1 gros pamplemousse rose
 2 oranges
1 citron bio avec une partie du zeste laissé dessus
1 tasse de carottes bio