Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photos of recipes to be posted soon

Mushroom Cannellonis 
This is the first recipe (after the smoothies) I did at the beginning of my raw food journey still good to this day :)

Back then I didn't even have slicer, the slices are way too big lols. These days it's easier to roll the things.

Not getting into it but it consist of macadamia ricotta 'cheese', a raw tomato sauce and marinated mushrooms and spinach inside so that everything holds.

Noir D├ęsir

One of the first dessert I did also in the beginning, I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but I was impress with the taste, it's really decadent for a raw chocolate cake, not on the photo there is also a chocolate sirup that goes on top. I will be making a new one soon and will hopefully make look better and in smaller portions too. You keep in the fridge for i think 10 days or you freeze it.

I cut half of it and brought it to my workplace, lols it lasted like 7 min in the kitchen!

Very interesting carrot salad with a curry sauce dried raisins and tiny bits of cauliflower (i had decided to put purple ones instead).
Mandras Salad

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